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What is FlipSyde?

FlipSyde a beautiful social networking platform (Android, iOS and Web) that helps people find bars, pubs, performance venues, artists (music and nightlife related) etc on a map. One can follow artists and venues, find out in real time what's happening at these spots, book tickets, pay bills and a lot more.

Core Features

Location-Based Discovery

Discover live gigs, performance venues, bars, pubs and more. Find directions, prices, view event calendars and more. All for free.

Independent Music Platform

Listen to the latest independent music from around the world. Artists can upload their songs, reach out to fans and start making money instantly. 


A Powerful Social Network

Follow your favourite artists and venues, rate them and support them. Share articles, music, videos and events with your friends.


Get the latest music-related newsfeed on your device and filter your feed according to your favorite genres. 


Why FlipSyde?

At the very core if it, FlipSyde is agnostic to every sector, every genre, every venue and every artist. It’s an equal platform to discover, rate, review, list, promote, listen, share, purchase and a whole lot more. Anyone can list an event, upload music, sell tickets etc. on our platform. You simply have to create a profile or a page and start promoting whatever it is in the world of music and nightlife that you would like to. Your audience will always be relevant and there will be lesser disengagement.

FlipSyde™ is  conceived and designed in India and developed in the United States and South America by our partners, InfinixSoft Global.

Contact Us


FlipSyde Mobile Pvt. Ltd
19, Dadoji Kondev Marg, 
Byculla East, Mumbai  

United States

InfinixSoft GLobal LLC
400 NW 26th St, Miami,
FL 33127, USA


InfinixSoft, S.R.L.
Moron, 1712, Castroman Maestra 2248 1, Buenos Aires